3rd quarter impact

2023 Third Quarter Impact

To all who tithe to FBC Midlothian, your faith in God and your commitment to this church have shown significant impact through our ministries that God has graciously given us here in North Texas and worldwide. You are a valuable part of our effort to become resilient disciples who lead people to pursue Jesus where we live, work, and play. Thank you for loving and worshiping the One who owns it all.

As we approach the final three months of 2023, please continue to invest in the eternal impact of our church while at the same time trusting God completely by practicing tithing. Tithing is returning a portion of your financial income. Typically, this tithe is given to your local church. By practicing tithing, you are financially and sacrificially partnering with God in the work that He is doing around the world.

Finally, we want to thank you. Everything that happens here is because of faithful, generous giving by people like yourself. Your generosity makes a difference. Thank you for being a part of the faith family we call FBC Midlothian. God bless you.

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