90-day Awakening

Just this morning I was reflecting on this 90-day journey. I am a little behind but want to allow it to saturate as I am reading…and wow…I used that word not even trying to tie it to the sermons…so that in itself is enlightening! The Word is alive, and indeed I am finding myself recalling the words of Jesus. The lessons he taught. There are mornings, I’m listening, and I zone out…so didn’t really pay attention. So I go back, and reread, and it just jumps out. Lately I have been struggling with still being utilized in my job, and just this morning, re-listening to Acts, where Paul and Barnabas go separate ways. That became 4 people out sharing the gospel, and they went separate ways, which means the gospel was being spread double and quadruple, since there were 4. Then as I discovered, my position at my job is just a tool, and my purpose hasn’t changed. I am being utilized in my job…for the kingdom…despite how I feel or what I’m doing. I’ve always said my job is my mission field, but then I find myself getting caught up in pettiness. Am I going to be used for the kingdom? Or am I going to be like the Pharisees, or even some of the Jews that were legalistic and worry about being treated fairly? Thank you for challenge! Although I may be behind, I’m too far to quit!

Stephanie Mcknight
February 26, 2019

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