90 Day Challenge

We all attempt something new when the New Year’s day celebration wind’s down. We start diets, we start exercise programs, we start new calendars, schedules, semesters, and new projects of all kinds. (As for me, that’s my prep day for the spring fishing season–but I digress!)

This year, I’m asking you to take a 90-day challenge and read the New Testament.  It takes just a little bit of time, but you will be amazed at how it “recalibrates” your thinking and your value system.  Many of you could say you have already read it, but every time you do, God wants to show you something in a fresh way.  We’re starting a new cycle of dreaming and visioneering this week, asking God what He is leading us to do.  Let’s start by listening well!

If you want to join us for this journey, use the link to get the 90-Day Challenge and see what God does in your heart.  Every day, ask God to show you His heart and how He thinks, and to show you how to live and love like Jesus.

Do you have a


Text us today about baptisms, if you are new, or wish to get plugged in.
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