Addition or Transformation?

Today the headlines are focused on the heinous bombings in Sri Lanka, timed to kill people as they gathered to celebrate Easter. As I watched the news unfold after a full day of celebrating Easter, something became crystal clear for me.

People who worship in dangerous places don’t think of Jesus as “something to add to my life.” He is more than just a detail, a personal preference, or a note of distinction. He’s not just a nice addition to an already-full life. He is the transformational core of their lives, their hope, and their comfort.

The followers of Jesus who attended churches on Easter in Sri Lanka paid with their lives. And today, my own comfort may sound odd, but I believe it’s the truth. Those who died were the MOST-PREPARED for death, the least-afraid of death. Around the world, in the places where it is dangerous to claim Christ as Lord, when they turn to Jesus as Savior they experience transformation of their thinking, transformation of their choices, transformation of their priorities.  They expect Christ to transform everything.  But where it’s safe to follow Jesus, our culture tends to think of Jesus as little more that adding a fine detail.

My heart is grieved for all those families whose Easter was changed in an instant, who moved from celebration to devastation in a matter of seconds.  But I’m also grateful that those who were targeted were actually in the process of praising the Jesus who defeated death and would deliver them in the resurrection.  THAT’s the power of Resurrection Sunday.  Few of us ever think of how ready we must be.  I’m so thankful that Jesus made it possible for us to have transformational hope!

So, for you, is Jesus an addition to your life, or IS HE your life?

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