Being an “Aspen” Community

Have you ever noticed that you never see a single, a SINGLE, aspen tree?  I can’t recall ever seeing one by itself.  Aspens actually grow together from a single source of roots, so you don’t typically find single Aspens.  You find groups of Aspens, communities of Aspens.  They stand up to the rigors of winter and drought because they share a root system.  So, in many ways, they are stimulating each other to grow, boldly blazing their colors while they are bringing along new saplings in their midst.

When we pursue the Jesus Life together, we often gather to come into God’s presence together. We experience the relief of forgiveness, tighten our understanding of the truth of the Gospel, and to stimulate and encourage the Jesus Life in each other.

That also means that we bear each other’s burdens when we face spiritual drought or painful circumstances.  This community experience reminds us that we’re not alone.  God is with us and He often demonstrates that through someone “with skin on.”

This week, I was so thankful to be in the midst of a grove of spiritual Aspens.  For those in my church family, I’m so thankful that our roots are intertwined for the journey we call the Jesus Life!

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