Best reads for Re-imagining Work

I have been doing research for this series about work since last October when I spent a few days away for my fall study retreat.  If you have been following along on Sundays or on Facebook posts, we have talked about how all work is sacred and that the old division of “sacred and secular” was a mistake.  In reading, looking at various articles and trends, and interviewing others who are teaching and training for marketplace issues, I saw lots of good material.  If you’re interested in taking this further, deeper, I have some books to recommend.


“Your Work Matters to God” by Doug Sherman and William Hendricks.  This book was life-changing for me when I was in my early 30’s.  It’s a little older now but it’s still one of the best.

“Every Good Endeavor” by Timothy Keller.  Keller is always deep and it’s a more challenging read, but his observations about cultural pressure and the Christian worldview were excellent.


“Credibility” by James Kouzes and Barry Posner.  Every boss should read this book.  If you do, you’ll understand a great deal more about why I lead as I lead.  It was crucial to me.

“Stewardship” by Peter Block.  Block argues that real leadership is service.  Sacrificing self-interest is the key choice every good leader must make.

I’m always indebted to great scholars and excellent practitioners.  As I was walking through this journey, these were the best resources I found.  Some have updated research, but these still are foundational to me when I consider the adventure we call work.


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