Choosing Jesus Daily

I’ve never thought of my testimony as ‘my story’. I always thought of it as an event. Something that happened. I walked through the storm one day at a time, not really thinking of the process or the end result. I knew at the end of everyday that the day happened only with Jesus right by my side. I knew I had tasks to complete. Life had to be done and Jesus was at the helm of that process. I engaged in Bible studies that encouraged me in knowing I will get through the valley, the end is in sight. I will be stronger, etc…Now several years removed it was more than just surviving, it was more than just finishing strong. It is about the process. What have I become? How did my light shine? What am I still becoming? It’s so funny when I have these ‘aha’ moments I look up and say oh so that’s what you were talking about. I am more aware of the people around me. I see through their eyes into a hurting heart. Something else funny, not haha funny, but are you kidding me funny, Satan will still attack at the heart of my hurt. It is a daily choice to choose Jesus, choose positive, choose happy. I am purely happy and Satan hates that.

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