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Dreaming Out Loud

I believe that God made every one of His followers for purposes bigger than they can imagine. That’s one reason we wanted everyone to do some discovery work about their spiritual gifts, passions, personality, and experiences. I believe that some of the greatest ideas come from people who are in “discovery” mode, who are naturally pursuing things that align with their gifts.

But it is often shocking to a person that what they do, how they’re gifted, has a meaningful impact on our world. When I discover that, one of my great joys is dreaming out loud about how God can use the faithfulness of a person right where they live, work, and play. I have loved conversations with:

  • A man who loved coaching kids in little league baseball. “You have an inroad to 15 different families. You get to demonstrate Jesus-honoring behavior, encouragement, and gentleness for boys that are learning what it means to be godly men. What a great impact!”
  • A woman who works in real estate with families who are relocating to our community. “You get to be a voice of wisdom and encouragement when they are in stressful circumstances. You have an opportunity to listen, to help them establish more than just a new home, but a new LIFE. You can help them find a circle of people who will encourage and support their marriage! What a great impact!”
  • A businessman with great gifts in administration and mercy wanted to reach beyond his job. “I know of a non-profit that needs your help to develop good practices. You would multiply mercy to dozens of families with your help. What a great impact!”

These are all ways to use your gifts outside of your church family. If you’re meeting needs in Jesus’ name, that’s ministry, and the possibilities are endless. Will you prayerfully ask God, “Show me the needs you want me to face,” and see what He reveals? If you need to dream out loud with someone, I love those conversations!

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