Filling in the “Glitches”

We started a series two weeks ago about the effects that sin has brought to our world. We call the “glitches,” ways that our world is short-circuiting in relationships, culture, morality, and meaning.  We only have a limited number of weeks to talk about these, but we wanted to ask you to “fill in” the gaps on the conversation.  We want to know what YOU see.

Last Sunday, a giant chalkboard was erected in the atrium and people started writing some of the glitches they fight or see.  Would you join us in this effort?  If it gets too crowded, don’t erase anything, but just write over it.  In many ways it will give a visual analogy for how many of us feel when we see the news, and we have a project that we want to do with your responses.  If nothing else, I want to ask you to do two things:

  1. Write an issue or glitch that is affecting your world (personally or as part of a broader community.)
  2. Pray for God’s solution to that glitch and ask how He wants to work through YOU.

I have been open about the glitches that have affected me, and those which required my own personal repentance.  Naming them and confronting them is part of the process God uses to bring healing to the hurts and empower us for living the Jesus Life.  If you see your own glitch on the board, it’s okay to duplicate in another area of the board.  Maybe someone else will be encouraged that they aren’t alone in battling their own glitches.

Do you have a


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