Hitting Curve Balls

We often think life will be straightforward, but it often throws us curve balls. That’s what we experienced Sunday night with storms that left many of our friends with painful losses. It’s miraculous that no lives were lost in the Dallas area tornadoes and I’m grateful that many of you walked away from the damage you experienced without injury.  Driving through these ravaged areas on Monday was painful, and I didn’t realize how many of our church family had been affected that night.

We had a team of men who were giving their day to cook for our Beast Feast event on Monday, but when they began to learn of the damage from the storm, they quickly switched gears. The power was out at the church all day, but they were cooking on the parking lot, preparing for any family who didn’t have power at home. Many families came by to pick up meals and to taste the many game samples that our guys prepared. At the end of the day, those tired men were packing up when a mom and a child arrived, exhausted and hungry.  Our guys quickly hopped into action to pull together several meals for this family.

I’m so glad we had a parking lot full of “curve-hitters” who responded to the need. We had a ton of folks who showed up, eager to serve. It wasn’t what we planned, but I think it was even more important than our plans would have been. I’m grateful to have been a part of it and witnessed our church family in action.

Continue to pray for the families who will be in recovery mode for weeks to come.

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