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How Can I Pray for Our Nation?

I have received several admonitions to pray, but lately they have been regarding the election.  So I offer a different approach, because the best thing that could happen to our nation would be for our nation to see Jesus-followers living and loving like Jesus consistently and authentically.  So, here’s my prayer structure:

  • Lord show me the magnitude of your grace toward me, that I might hunger for You.
  • Hear my thanks and affection because You are good, and I’m grateful to be loved by You.
  • Slay my selfishness, that I might see YOUR will as my FIRST and BEST choice.
  • Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.
  • Make my heart attentive to your word, hungry to put it into practice.
  • Give me eyes to see other people as you see them and clothe me with compassion to love them as You love them.
  • Convict me of my blind spots and make me soft and teachable before Your Spirit.
  • Give me courage to live with integrity before my neighbors.
  • Use me to show grace to others when they fail, holding out hope through Jesus Christ to every broken heart.
  • Focus my hope on YOU, not on circumstances, politics, wealth, or achievement.
  • Humble my heart so that I listen more than I speak.
  • Make my words consistent with Your Word, my values consistent with Your commands.
  • And lead me closer to Your heart every day, empower me to obey and honor you more every day.
  • For YOURS is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever.


Praying for our nation begins with humbling ourselves before our gracious Savior. 

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