Staff inviting people to church

Inviting at Christmas

Every year, millions of people turn their attention to the celebration of Christmas. They may only understand it as a season of generosity or obtaining things, but they embrace music, charity, and OFTEN, they will respond to an invitation to a Christmas event at a church.

If they are invited by someone they know. . .

Even in this season of COVID-affected choices, will you prayerfully approach friends and neighbors and invite them to celebrate Christmas with you? We’re offering four services on campus, and we’re working to make sure that our online Christmas Eve experience will be done with excellence, and will make the Gospel clear. All this month, we’re focused on helping all of us remember that we NEEDED a Savior. Every week, we will provide an opportunity for people to hear the Gospel and have a chance to make decisions that could alter their lives.

You’re making a list and checking it twice–would you make sure your INVITING is nice?

I know it will feel different this year. But even if you just invite them to watch online–it could give every person in their family the chance to hear about Christ and His love for them…If they are invited by someone they know.

Do you have a


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