Just Like His Daddy

Kids are just too fun! One of the best aspects of my job is watching young couples start having kids. Every so often, I’m just caught off guard.

I was standing in the Atrium when I saw a young dad walking toward me. In his arms was his son, less than two years old.  His dad looked proud to have his son in his arms, and as we began to talk, I looked into that child’s face and he cut a subtle grin.  I looked back at the dad and I saw the exactly duplicate expression.  I said, “You’re just like your daddy!”  He grinned a little more, but his dad grinned from ear to ear.  He gladly claimed his son, was proud to have him, showed his affection freely, and was determined to protect him.  But when I remarked that his little boy was just like him, it was enormously satisfying.

Living and Loving Like Jesus–I believe that our HEAVENLY Father has a similar joy.  He chose to come to us when we couldn’t come to Him.  He modeled life, love, and compassion like no one else.  And then he called His followers to obey his commands.  In fact, he taught that we were truly HIS disciples when we lived out those commands.  The goal of my life is to live and love like Jesus.  He rescued me and gave me an unbreakable hope and salvation.  I couldn’t earn it; it was His gift.  And when he sees me seeking to live and love like Him, I believe it gives him the kind of pleasure we readily see in an earthly father over his son when that son resembles him.

That little boy can’t control his genetics.  But he can control his choices more and more as he grows up.  We can choose to honor Jesus and bring Him pleasure.  When I walk through the gates of Heaven someday, I want to hear the angels say, “You look just like your Father!”


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