Learning to Say “Well Done!”

I have had very few roots. My family moved often as I grew up and my wife and I spent several years doing the same as we pursued education, early jobs, and started our family. We have seen the proven value of rootedness, though, and the security it has given to our family.

I have also seen proven the value of rooted team members and employees, even though it’s rarer now than ever before. In our church, we have benefited from those long, rooted tenures with several of our church staff and volunteer leaders.  This weekend, we will celebrate that kind of rooted tenure together when we honor Deana Allsbrooks and her retirement after more than two decades of faithful service to our church family.  She came to us in the peak years of her career, providing great innovations and trustworthy integrity.  She has worked with auditors for most of those years and we have a history of clean audits because of her faithful work.  I’m grateful for the impact she has had on our church’s financial health, our office staff, and in my life, personally.  “Well Done!” is definitely deserved.

We will honor Deana’s service and retirement this Sunday, September 30.  Help us say “Well Done!” enthusiastically as she embarks on this new journey of retirement!

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