serviceman standing in front of a gravestone

Living Thanks

Every Memorial Day weekend, lakes, campgrounds, and airports are packed. It signals the beginning of summer. But while you’re packing and traveling, I ask you to create time for remembering and giving thanks. Every day, I look at other countries where entire apartment buildings are bombed out, people are struggling to reclaim their children, and they live in constant fear. War is a costly, tragic undertaking. Whether it’s a major, multinational affair or a surgical strike to deal with pockets of terrorists, where this happens, you find sacrifice and death.

Thousands waded onto the beaches of Normandy and never came home.

Thousands more swept through the jungles of the Pacific, but they never returned to their families.

They did this because they believed they could protect us. And they did.

So, as you kick off your weekend, your vacation, your barbeque, or your parties, will you thank God for those who gave their lives in service to the citizens of this country? I really don’t want to forget. Every person we honor on Memorial Day was a child of parents, a brother or sister, a best friend, a neighbor, or a spouse who made a great sacrifice for others.

Let’s LIVE that thanks this weekend.

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