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New season and new rhythms

The countdown is on, and we are just a few weeks from heading into a new school year. For those who thrive on structure and routine, heading back to school brings a sense of excitement! It also brings new challenges, learning opportunities, and a new schedule! This is a great time to introduce new family rhythms and create intentionality in your daily routine as a family.

Here are three tips for leading your family well as you head into the fall:

  1. Create intentional prayer times. Pray over your children’s teachers, friends, and those who will gain influence over them in their day-to-day. Find ways to serve and love them well this school year, and spend time getting to know them. Make time to pray together as a family. Pick a time that works best for you, maybe in the car on the way to school or at the end of each day before bedtime. Being intentional in praying with your family will open doors to conversations and help strengthen your relationship.
  2. Look at the big picture. I would start today and pray about your schedule and prioritize things that bring your family together and create connection. Don’t be afraid to remove things that create chaos. Is there something in the schedule that isn’t working? Be especially mindful if you have big transitions this year, such as starting kindergarten or moving on to middle or high school. These big milestones require special attention and flexibility. Check out the resource walls in preschool, kids, and student ministries for more specific information on your child’s growth and development in each phase. Be sure to talk with your family about things that might need to shift or change, and create time for new things, more meals together, and unstructured time together.
  3. Dig into a family devotion. With a new season and new goals, be intentional about making a goal to spend more time together in God’s word. Keep things simple. Find a devotional that works for the phase your family is in. Time in God’s word is always time well spent!

Heading back to school brings many opportunities to serve your family from packing lunches, helping with homework, shuttling from here to there, and maintaining balance! It also brings about opportunities to share the Good News with others. Ask the Lord to reveal to you the people around you that you should build relationships with and find ways to share the love of Jesus.

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