Participate in Missions without Leaving Home

I was a summer missionary many years ago.  I had grown in my walk with Christ and had found outlets for my gifts, but they really culminated in a summer when I chose to forego a paid job in order to serve in Melbourne, Australia.  I was one of several hundred students who had made the same choice, and we all would experience some life-altering work of God in our lives.  That same program that screened, interviewed, trained, and sent me is what we now call “GoNow Missions.”  Every month, our church forwards a portion of our gifts to Texas Baptists, who sponsor Baptist Student Ministries across the state.  That one part of our state ministry accounts for the largest concentration of new believers and baptisms each year.

You can HELP!  February 14-16, our church will host over 200 students who are preparing to serve as summer missionaries.  And for that one weekend, Midlothian is the CENTER of Texas!  Years ago, they asked us to host this critical weekend of interviews, training, exploring, and decision- making that will result in most of those students leaving in May for 10-week assignments around the world.

Want to participate in missions without leaving home?  Serve as a host home for 12 students during Discovery Weekend, Feb 14-16.  Contact Leigh in our church office to find out more.  My wife and I are hosting a group and we can’t wait to hear the journeys of these students!

Want to participate in missions without leaving home?  Join our Mission Saving Program!  Every week, you can give toward missions.  Most churches host special offering several times a year.  But just as I have found in so many things, “small steps of faithfulness over time produce significant results.”  That supports full-time missionaries of the International Mission Board, it helps plant churches in Texas and across the country, and it supports student ministry teams who will lead thousands of college students to commit their lives to Christ.

God loved the WHOLE WORLD.  Will you join Him in that process by hosting student missionaries for 36 hours, or by participating in our mission saving program?  Go ahead.  Touch the world!

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