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Praying AGAIN

I’ve been preparing for one of the “One Another” passages that are part of our Transplant series, and a question has haunted my heart: “Bruce, how often do you revisit the things for which you have prayed?” In other words, when I pray for something, do I continue to care, to carry that burden, to keep that person or problem before the Lord and my own attention?

My honest answer is “not well.” I don’t do that well. Even this morning, I found something for which I had prayed three weeks ago. But as soon as that week came to a close, it disappeared from my vision.  I hate that!  And I recognize that as an all-too-familiar pattern for most of us.  The more familiar things keep coming to mind, but those at the edge do not.

So, let this be my confession: I’m working on my persistence.  During this COVID era, a peer of mine had a very severe case and I found myself waking up with him on my mind.  Praying was very natural because it was on my mind.  But others who were just as sick didn’t have a natural connection, so without a regular reminder, I never returned to pray for them.  Here’s my question:

What will you do to keep things on the front burner so that you can say with integrity, “I’m praying for you”?  I don’t want to pray and forget.  I want to pray again and again while I watch what God does and recognize His grace in action.  I don’t want to miss out on that.

What about you?

Do you have a


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