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Praying for Our Community

When I moved here, Midlothian felt like a small town. It was a sleeper community in the constellation of the Metroplex. Many of you were moving here in the last two decades, discovering a slower pace, a wholesome atmosphere, and affordable land. We found solid schools and a city government that was responsive to need.
But time has moved on and our community has more challenges than ever before. From all over the country, families are relocating to the area and our community is on the map of appealing places to settle. Resources are challenged by that and leaders in our city and school systems are scrambling to create solutions for our rapid growth.

So, this week, across our city and county, area churches are focusing on praying for our community leaders, for those who are moving into the area, for the opportunity to serve our new neighbors, even as we care for those who are already here. Will you join me in praying?

Pray for our LEADERSHIP–for our schools, city, and county–as they make challenging decisions.

Pray for NEWCOMERS–for our opportunity to love them well and point them to the Savior.

Pray for VISION–to be able to meet needs in the name of Jesus.

Some day we may look back on October and realize that some great trends were birthed during this time, and we’ll remember that we prayed for that together!

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