Re-Imagining Work

Most of us returned to work today. The new year means new work, new deadlines, new opportunities, new challenges. Even with the emotional hangover of two huge bowl games last night, we’re still charged with tackling the new year of work in our jobs. (And yes, I needed more coffee as I started my own work this morning!)

What does that work mean to you? How does that fit with your calling as a child of God? What benefit does it bring to you and what benefit do you bring to it?  We spend an incredible amount of time and energy in pursuing our careers. Don’t you want to know its value to your world and your Creator?

Launching this Sunday, we will attempt to re-imagine our work through new lenses, new perspectives, and new hopes.  Most of us have no idea of the impact of our work, and if we did, it could bring an entirely new attitude and effectiveness to our work.  We each need that gift.

This is fresh on my mind for a couple of reasons.  First, everyone I know works and wrestles with these issues.  I care about them and want to help.  Second, every Christmas I find myself watching It’s a Wonderful Life, and I realize that we all make contributions with our lives, but we’re largely blind to see them.  We just don’t know how our lives touch others.  Could our theology change that awareness and bring us greater joy?

I have spent the last two months trying to re-imagine work and I’m excited to share some of the things that God has taught me on this journey.  If you work, this new series is for you.  I hope you’ll come along for this journey and do some re-imagining with us!

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