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Revisiting Critical Decisions

If you read suggestions from any investment or financial planning group, they urge you to “rebalance your investments” every year. What they are telling you is this: life changes over time. Needs, plans, dreams, circumstances, and economies are in constant flux. Because of that reality, you need to revisit critical financial decisions and update or change where those previous decisions need to be altered.

The way they do that is that they look at where you are NOW, where you have BEEN, and where you NEED to be.

And every Easter season is like that for me, personally. My focus is on the spiritual status, my spiritual temperature, my spiritual goals. Somewhere in the examination of the cross of Christ and the empty tomb, I am moved to reassess what I’m doing and how I’m living that resurrection confidence day by day. It’s like rebalancing stocks and bonds, updating my will, updating my insurance–the constant of Jesus’ grace continues to affect my life and I realize I need new areas of repentance, new risks of faith.

We’re coming up on that week. Will you join me in some soul-searching, repentance, refreshment of your grasp of the Grace that holds you? We’ll consider that grace and confidence in the next two weekends, but the real heart-work will happen in the quiet of your own heart. Join me in that as we honor the Jesus who loved us to the fullest possible extent!

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