A Savior Who Is At Home with Us

Years ago, I went to work for a pastor who became much more than a boss. He became another father figure for me.  He was a statesman when he needed to be a clear voice in the midst of confusion.  He was a gentle comforter when he needed to help a grieving family face loss.  Those roles I expected.  What touched me was a set of other roles I saw.  With my wife, he could be a fatherly champion, ready to affirm and encourage.  With my very young sons, he could be tender and playful, ready to do some impromptu wrestling.  And with our middle and high school students, he was the ski instructor on winter trips to the mountains.  Many of our kids had fond memories of skiing with our pastor.

What I loved was that Dick was always “at home” with us.  He was the same man in all those settings, engaged and appropriate for each setting of people.  My wife adored him, my kids giggled with him, and I respected him.

When Jesus was born, he came to the humblest of settings.  He was visited by shepherds from nearby and magi from afar.  As He grew He was at home in the Temple with the teachers of the Law and He was at home in the carpenter’s shop of his adoptive dad.  He was at home in a fishing boat and He was at home at a wedding feast.  Tax collectors, fishermen, farmers, soldiers, prostitutes, scholars, the sick, the well, the grieving, and the celebrating were all people who connected with Jesus, because He was always at home in the magnificent “home” He had created from the beginning.

Jesus is more than a baby; He is the Savior who is at home with us, ready to renovate our lives with His mercy, love, and leadership.  He’s more than we could have hoped, far more than we understand.  And He is worth celebrating this Christmas!

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