Bruce and Kelly praying

Sometimes It’s More Difficult to Receive

Sunday was overwhelming. I’ve been planning my projects for sabbatical leave, and I knew it was an anniversary, but I had no hint of what would happen on Sunday. Several of our staff have talked about the discomfort of affirmation–somehow, we have failed to learn how to receive from people. I’m guilty. I love affirming our teammates, affirming people who are serving well and loving well, but when David asked how many were here from our original congregation 20 years ago, I was stunned. I have had the privilege of welcoming virtually all of our church. What a great source of joy that is for me! So I’m very grateful today that, through the years, you chose to plant your life in our family and have allowed us to speak affection and truth into your lives.

Thank you, FBC, for loving our family so well these 20 years! Thank you for allowing me to walk with you. We have read every note you submitted and will treasure this encouragement as we dream afresh about the future of our church and how to “stimulate one another unto good deeds” as we walk with Christ.

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