The House Guest that Won’t Leave

If you have followed this blog, you know that I have had several unwelcome “guests” in my yard through the years. But with all of the recent rain, a new one has arrived. He packs his bags and acts as if he’s leaving, but a few days later he’s back.

I learned a rarely known principle: “Wet things tend to grow algae.” And so my driveway has grown algae when we have had overwhelming rains. On the few occasions when we have had what the weatherman describes as “historic rains,” my driveway has become a rushing river.  For days after the rain ends, the saturated soil of the neighborhood above me continues to drain down, hit a rock, and flow downhill, right through the soil of my side yard, and bubbles up through the joints of my drive.  If that flow lasts more than a couple of days, algae begins tor grow.

This summer, I did what I have done in the past–I blasted with the 3000 p.s.i of my pressure washer, removing the stains of algae and any slightly lose particles of the concrete.  It took a while, but when my wife turned into the driveway she couldn’t believe her eyes.  Our concrete was WHITE again.  It was blinding!  All the stains of our tires, mud, and algae were gone and it looked like a new drive.  That was three months ago.

As many of you know, we have had additional “historic rains” since February.  SEVERAL. OF. THEM.  And I have a fresh date with my power washer AGAIN because once is not done.  It will grow back if given the opportunity.

Sin is like that.  One choice of repentance is a great START, but it isn’t the end.  I find that the most difficult sins require daily repentance.  I can’t drop my guard.  I can’t take it for granted.  I can’t just turn my back and live in denial.  If I do, I will step onto the slippery slope of temptation and blow it.  That’s the nature of sin.  That’s what Paul was talking about when he wrote to Timothy:

“Keep a close watch on how you live. . .Cling to your faith in Christ and keep your conscience clear.”

I return to the corner of my yard every week on Tuesdays and Fridays.  And I see whether my unwanted house guest is still gone or has returned.  And when I see him, I get ready to cleanse his presence from my drive, just as I make the choice to stop when I see my most difficult sins creeping back into my life.  I repent again and seek God’s power and cleansing.  “Keep a close watch,” Paul says.  I have found that to be powerful advice for my own life.

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