The Power of Invitation

I heard from an old friend who is moving to our town. We met when they were in college and I helped with their wedding preparation.  So when they learned that they were moving to our area, they gave me a call.  In a few days, they will move to town and visit our church, primarily because they know someone here.

When I was travelling around Texas, I typically met clients all day and faced an empty dinner table in a restaurant at night.  The mantra of every business traveler is this:  “I hate going to restaurants alone.”  I certainly hated it, so when I connected with a client or business partner who invites me to dine with him, it was gold.  Just a simple invitation was the difference between an evening of conversation and a meal spent in silence.

People will often approach a church with a similar dread, but if someone they know invites them, plans to meet them for a service, they have been given a great comfort and they tend to respond.  Our area has seen the influx of hundreds of people this summer, and many are still trying to navigate a new town, new stores, new schools, and new friendships.  Your invitation could make a significant difference.  To be invited is to be included.  Will you prayerfully consider how you can open doors for people who are starting a new journey in your neighborhood?  You could be inviting your new best friend!  You could be speaking welcome for Christ to a family that needs to know Him.

You’ll never know, though, unless you ask. . .

Do you have a


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