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The Threat of “Never Enough”

My wife loves musicals, so a few weeks ago I watched “Greatest Showman” with her. It’s a sad yet redemptive story, but the core song of the musical is a song that says, “Never enough, never enough, never enough for me.” It was the theme of the lead character’s life, and frankly, it’s the NATURAL theme of every human being.

I have a friend who is working in Switzerland and she posts pictures of some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.  It seems that every vista is destined to be wallpaper for her computer.  I have visited a few of those places and I’m happy for her experience there.  I have known her since she was born, so I have sent messages occasionally to note the places she has seen.

As we were corresponding about a particular place, she noted the blessing of being there during the pandemic and then said something natural:  “Looking forward to some cross border adventures when the world starts opening up again. . .”  Switzerland is one of those bucket-list destinations that people crave to experience for just a few days of vacation.  She lives there, surrounded by the grandeur of the mountains, and she longs to leave to visit other countries.  It’s natural, and it is the most basic of human drives.  We all stop “seeing” the wonder of where we are and, if we’re honest, it’s never enough.

I thought about our community in that way today.  We live in a consistently safe place, in neighborhoods that are being sought by dozens of incoming families, and our children attend schools that offer great opportunities for growth, learning, and social development.  We have a variety of churches led by people who genuinely want to see hearts transformed by Jesus.  I remember when we wished for more restaurants, more parks, better facilities.  But as they have come, I rarely hear people say, “This is wonderful!”  Instead, they say, “If only. . .”

That’s why Paul’s attitude stands out as a template for us.  “I have learned the secret of CONTENTMENT. . .”  Real thanksgiving is the antidote for the threat of “never enough.”  Today, will you take stock of the neighborhood that you call home and thank God for where He planted you?  Will you look in the garage at the “OFF” position on sprinkler systems and thank Him for the abundant rain that we will long for in July?  Will you look at the campus where you pick up your kids today and thank Him that He called men and women to teach your kids?  Will you look upon every church you pass and thank Him that He is at work in those congregations?  Will you thank Him that, before you were born, He was purchasing the relief of forgiveness and living hope through Jesus?

This is the choice that robs “never enough” of its power!

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