Tragedy Can Enable Vision

A former student of mine was flooded in Houston during Harvey’s onslaught.  She had been pursuing a successful career with a foundation of a healthy marriage, two wonderful kids, and an economic opportunity that was congruent with the hard work she invested in training and education.  In fact, she had just purchased a new car and it was sitting in the driveway of their home.  Like most, she thought she was in a safe area.  Then the flood came during the night, and hours later she and her family had been rescued and taken to safety.

When she returned to her flooded home after the waters had receded, she found a disaster waiting in her home.  What she didn’t expect was what happened next.  She was overwhelmed with help.  Her church organized quickly and volunteers arrived on the scene quickly.  Listen to her own reflection:

My most typed words over this past week have been “Thank you!!!!” I’m not even going to try and tag everyone that has helped us because I know I would miss someone, but you know who you are…even if I don’t really know you well! It has truly overwhelmed me the outpouring of help from giving my family a place to stay, to laundry, supplies, groceries, meals, furniture, borrowed vehicles, PayPal cash, and the volunteer army that gutted and packed up our house. Also the kindness and compassion of strangers throughout this process has moved me to tears from the Xfinity girl on the phone to my contractor and even the flood adjuster and FEMA guy!! I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you for your continued support, check ins, and prayers. Thank you.

We take for granted the relationships we have built, the kindness that Jesus calls us to embrace and enact, and the impact of simple things.  Then, when tragedy strikes, all of those things seem to bubble to the surface and we feel overwhelmed.  It’s the kind of experience that can lead you to a see a whole new world through the new lenses that compassion can give.  I hate tragedy, but I always love seeing what God can do through it, using people to be His hands and feet in the wake of tragedy.  It can enable fresh vision that is nothing short of life-changing!

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