Waking Up to Blessings

I’ve been reading the Old Testament since finishing the 90-day challenge of New Testament reading.  It’s always harder to read, partly because it’s talking about events that are many centuries farther back in history than Jesus’ era, and partly because repetition is such a common part of Hebrew writing.  One thing has stood out to me time after time:  humans are natural complainers.

God gives a garden, but people want more.  God promises a child, but Abraham and Sarah don’t want to wait.  God delivers a massive people from slavery by astounding miracles, then the people accuse their leader of depriving them.  God gives leadership, but the people want a king.  God gives Himself, but the people want idols.  And every time their choice costs them they complain and try to shift blame.  What is noticeably absent is GRATITUDE for the blessings God has given.  And before we can jump on the bandwagon of blame, we need to look at our own lives and all the blessings that go unnoticed by us!  So, this week–especially considering Mothers’ Day–I’m waking up to the blessings and choosing gratitude.

. . .for freedom to vote for leaders, choose my own home, choose my hometown, and buy whatever my money can afford.

. . .for friends who have nourished my soul, cared for my family, and encouraged me faithfully.

. . .for a mom who loved me and gave me a safe, healthy home, just as her mother provided for her.

. . .for a church family who allows me to continue to grow as a disciple, even as I lead.

. . .for a wife who gave her whole life to me over three decades ago and still laughs at my quirks and amplifies my strengths.

. . .for a Savior who knew all the flaws and took them to the Cross so I could be forgiven and loved.

Friends, it’s refreshing to wake up to blessings!  If you’re snoozing through them, make today the day you wake up and celebrate with gratitude!

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