What Do You Want to Build?

I have always loved building. I loved building three homes with my wife. I loved helping two churches to make room for people who needed to see and hear the Gospel. I loved building landscape, fencing, and when I was a kid, I loved building with Tinker Toys!

What kind of LIFE are you building? What kind of FAMILY are you building? And what kind of SOUL are you building?

My last building project was an 8-foot cedar fence in my back yard. A friend helped me order materials and collect the right tools, but none of those were going to become anything without deciding what I wanted to build. Before it was reality, it was a dream, a plan, a sketch, a set of measurements, and an image of a finished product. Only if I knew what I wanted it to become could I design and build it.  If you scoured my home office, you would find sketches of landscaping, decks, and river rocks for my back yard.  You would find designs for an arbor that I built for Kelly many years ago.

The crucial question is simple:  What do you want to build?

I think we ought to apply that same question to our SOULS.  “What kind of SOUL do you want to build?”  We are counting down to Kickoff Sunday at our church.  It’s a natural season for new beginnings.  Amid the shopping trips, the practice schedules, and the rush to find folders, glue, and school clothes, will you set a goal for how you will build your soul this autumn?

Jesus invited people into a relationship of trust.  Repeatedly, Jesus called out, “Follow me.  Trust me.  Come with me.”  And those who followed experienced a stretching in their souls to be more and more like Jesus.  That invitation still resounds today.  “Follow me and learn to live as I do, to love as I do, to pray as I do,” He invites.  So much is possible.  So many opportunities call to us.  You must decide:

What do you want to build?

Do you have a


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