What Saturates Your Life?

What Saturates Your Life?

I’m starting a new series on the same weekend when I will celebrate birthdays with two grandsons.  It made me think about all the “identities” I wear.

At the party, I’ll be the fun-loving “Buddy” (my name to my grandsons).  They don’t care what I do for a living, where I live, or what my cholesterol count is.  I’m just the delightful old man who plays games and reads to them, and when I’m with them, my life is saturated with joy and affection for them.

At Longbranch Elementary, I’m Mrs. Prindle’s husband.  She’s the teacher and my whole existence is saturated by my relationship to her.  I’m only allowed in those halls because I’m related to her (and because I passed the background check that the district requires).

At church, I’m a pastor, or to some of our kids, “That old bald guy that talks all the time.” (Yes, that’s a direct quote!)

But what saturates my life wherever I am is that I’m a disciple of Jesus.  That means that how I treat the waitress at the restaurant reflects that.  How I settle disagreements with my wife reflects that.  How I deal with crises reflects that.  How I treat my neighbor reflects that.  That identity saturates all of the rest.

This Sunday, I want to talk about that kind of life.  It’s a GREAT life, a hope-filled life, a joy-inducing life.  And it’s the life that Jesus called us to embrace!

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