What We Sing Shapes What We Believe

With all the technological advances we have experienced in western culture, music still connects our minds and hearts uniquely. We remember things when they’re attached to music. The songs we sing have an enormous capacity to shape our beliefs. We memorize scripture, theological claims, and claim personal identity from those songs.

When you sing, “I am a child of God,” after a few times of hearing that, you find that your identity gravitates toward it, relieved and comforted by it. “Christ is enough for me” resounds in our memories around our identity in Christ and when losses come, we are strengthened by that chorus.  “Oh, no, you never let me go” has reminded me often that God’s grip on me is powerful and dependable.

Christmas music has probably done this more effectively across the generations than any other music.  Today, many Christmas carols are becoming unfamiliar to our kids and our culture.  So we decided that this year, we would focus on some of those classics (including a newer classic).  We’re calling it “Christmas Mix” and we’ll sing them, talk about their messages, and celebrate the great news that is the reason for our season.  I hope you’ll think of some of your own favorites and let those remind you that Christ came because we needed Him!

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