What’s Your “90-Day Challenge” Story?

I have been encouraged, astounded, surprised, delighted!  Two months ago, I offered a challenge to everyone who was attending our church.  It was simple, really. “Join me in reading through the entire New Testament in the next 90 days.”  And many of you joined me on this quest.

Someone asked me, “Why was that important?”  It’s a good question.  My answer?  I believe in the power of God’s word to penetrate our hearts.  It’s more powerful than my sermons, classes, music, or ministries.  God describes His word as “inspired” or “God-breathed.”  Many of us know about the Bible, own a Bible, have dictionaries and other resources that are helpful for studying the Bible.  But many of us have never read it for ourselves.  Most have limited Bible reading to the time spent in a worship service, reading along with a pastor, or reading along with a teacher in a class that’s focused on just a few verses.  To read it in its sweeping journey is a completely different matter.

The stories have been coming to me, Sunday by Sunday.  “I’ve never read the Bible before.  I had no idea about some of the things I’ve read.”  “God has been showing me things about my life that have been convicting.”  “I feel like I finally understand Jesus’ life!”  “My friend and I have had some of the most interesting, helpful conversations because I’m aware of what Jesus said and did.” “I feel as if I never opened a page of it before.  Reading it at this pace has been like seeing a panoramic picture for the first time!”  And the stories go on and on.

You have to understand:  at the end of the day, my own teaching or preaching mean nothing if they don’t shine line on the scripture.  Every sermon is measured against that standard and we all can grow more effectively when we’re immersed in it together.  Frankly, reading the Bible is like learning to cook a meal for yourself.  It’s the art of sustaining your soul!

So, what’s YOUR “90-Day Challenge” story?  I’d love to hear it!

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