What’s Your Focus?

Customer-centered businesses have always caught my attention.  We love to tell stories about great service!  Every business must make a buck, but some have discovered the beauty and benefit of treating customers as if they are the central focus of what you do.  I studied dozens of businesses and organizations who did that well during the final leg of my education journey.  I have continued to pay attention to that since.  It’s in my “organizational DNA” to see that.  I’m the guy who tips more boldly because a server has mastered good service during a meal.  I’m the guy who mentions great service to a manager.  Putting those things into practice, I’m the guy who chooses the parking spot away from the building so people coming to our church get the best parking.  I’m the guy who thinks that a sincere and appropriate apology is the first thing that should come out of my mouth when someone is disappointed.  I’m the guy who wants to make a first-time guest feel like we spent all weekend planning for them.

Faith has an appropriate focus, too.  My men’s group was studying about Saul and his leadership under Samuel’s tutoring.  He makes a frequent mistake when he adjusts his obedience to God according to what he, himself judges.  As we were wrapping up this morning, we all could see the pattern.  Is GOD’s desire the focus or is OUR desire the focus?  When you answer that question, you determine who is really in charge, or more aptly, who is really treated as God.

Samuel says to Saul, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.”  All our worship regimens are meaningless if we aren’t giving God the trust He deserves with our obedience.  What we do tells the true story of our focus.  Companies that talk about customer service but don’t render it are just blowing smoke.  And people who claim to be followers of Jesus who don’t honor His commands with our obedience are saying this:  “I’ll treat you as God as long as Your commands don’t get in my way.”  Grace is not the same thing as license.  ONE person will lead and the other will follow.

So, if you look in the mirror to see the choices you are making, will you see a GOD-focused life or a SELF-focused life?

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