Bunch of kids at Summer Blast having fun in worship


Summer Blast is our week-long ministry to kids in our community, and it is a hallmark of our kids’ ministry. This year, our team planned on growth…healthy growth. They added the student center space, they added budget, and they enlisted more leaders. But registration has been even beyond what we hoped and dreamed, SO much so that we have reached maximum capacities for some of our grades. Using every class space and worship space we have, our capacity is limited by what the Fire Marshall will allow. This will be the first time we have had waiting lists for some of those ages.

So please hear two things:

  • This is a great problem! We are meeting a need, and our team of volunteers and staff are doing an excellent job.
  • Families need to plan ahead and use our registrations earlier.

We will do everything we can to accommodate, but every building has limited space. It’s math. If you registered a child and your plans have changed so that you won’t be part of Summer Blast, please cancel your registration so we don’t miss families who want to come.

Lastly, pray for our leaders and kids. We want to open the door for the Gospel in every life.

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