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Why Do We Embrace Missions?

It’s a big world. Eight billion people, seven different continents, hundreds of nations, and thousands of languages and dialects make up our population on planet Earth. Some are literate and refined; others struggle with the most basic needs and seek to make it to the next day with great fear. But here’s what is most important. . .
Every single person matters to God. Jesus came to rescue every single one who would respond to Him.

We forget that too quickly, just like our neighbors, appointments, household projects, and kids’ cell numbers. So we need reminders about all of these. We embrace missions because our world matters to Jesus, and He commissioned us to make sure they heard about Him. So today, I’m asking you to join me in praying, REMEMBERING just a few of the ways we get to engage and embrace some of the 8 billion on our planet.

GoNow: This weekend, we host 250 students in our homes and on our campus, assisting them in interviewing, hearing about opportunities and needs, and calling them to commit their summers and their lives to mission projects and opportunities around the world. They will worship, hear challenges, wander through a massive mission fair, and have small group conversations in our homes, all aimed at this pungent question: “Where does God want me to be His advocate and servant?” (You are welcome to come to the campus and worship with this wonderful set of college students on Friday at 7:00 pm in the Family Room.)

Widows Ministry in the Dominican Republic: We have safety nets for women who lose their husbands, but in the DR, they find very little help. A team will leave here and continue to serve women in need in the DR, meeting needs and sharing their faith in Christ.

The Heights: If you have been driving past Walnut Grove & 287, you’ve seen a transformation of three former medical buildings. Many ministries are partnering to give new hope to women who have been abused, who need training and help, but most of all, who need to know that Jesus cares for them. It’s right in our backyard and has the potential to help so many.

Germany: Our team will connect with people in multiple communities this summer through baseball camps. They will have daily opportunities to share the Gospel, minister to families, and give area churches a new inroad into the lives and souls of families there. We will break ground; those church families will have the coming year to build on that new opening, for Jesus’ sake. If you are interested in this mission trip, join us on February 18 at 12:15 pm in the Chapel as we share more information and seek people to be a part of this wonderful calling.

Memphis: Students will invade Memphis and serve kids, give physical assistance, share the Gospel, and expect Christ to do fresh work in their hearts. If you have a high school student interested in this mission trip, you can register here.

These are just a few examples. Will you pray with me for these? Will you consider how God might use you to engage a world that needs Him?

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