When Your Work is Worthy of Praise

I was having lunch with a friend at Chick-fil-A and the dining room population was thinning out. The drive-through was still doing a brisk business when one of the assistant managers came jogging through our side of the restaurant, heading for the door. We turned to see a small SUV pulling out of the drive. That’s when things got exciting!

The assistant manager kicked his pace into high gear and sprinted down the shoulder of the street toward the now-stalled traffic. It was at least 100 yards from the drive, but he made it to the passenger window. Just as the light turned green he delivered part of the order that was evidently not delivered at the window. Having completed the order in the middle of the street, he jogged back to the store. When he opened the door, my lunch mate and I cheered! A few others had seen this impressive act of service and they joined us in our ovation. Turning back to my lunch mate, we laughed and said, “Now THAT’s a story!”

Excellent work, extra effort, and great service are worthy of praise!  This guy came back into the store and he was beaming as we clapped and cheered for him.  He went back behind the counter and right back to work.  He wasn’t grandstanding, waiting around for more cheers.  Doing his very best was how he wanted to do his job.  I thought to myself, “This is one of those ‘viral’ moments.”  He didn’t just serve that customer who was driving the car; he served all of us in the restaurant who saw what he did.  He served his company with a story of excellence that will be repeated time after time.  Most important, though, is the testimony it gives for a whole corporate culture that repeats systematically, “My pleasure!”

When we re-imagine our work in terms of that kind of excellence and passion, our work becomes a different kind of pursuit.  And I can testify, it brings JOY to those who witness it!  I believe it brings joy to our Heavenly Father, too!

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