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Helping Fight Hunger Here at Home

As inflation continues to affect our community, most people feel it immediately at the grocery store. For those who are already living on the edge, it can be daunting. Manna House is our partner here in Midlothian. We coordinate benevolence ministry so that we’re feeding, intervening, and helping families when they are in great need. Every year they serve families across our community.

This Sunday, November 6, we are gearing up for an event that makes a huge difference. We call it “Beef It Up,” and it’s our meat drive for Manna House. Canned goods, staples, and dry goods are the most donated items that Manna receives. But several years ago, we discovered that meat was rarely donated. So we started this campaign to contribute ground beef, chicken, porkchops, stew meat, and other meat products to help hungry families get protein.

The Manna Freezer Truck will be on the Brookshires parking lot this Sunday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. We are leading the charge for this hunger-fighting effort. If you are a hunter, you can also donate professionally packaged game meat for the cause. Most of us eat out a few times a week. If you were taking your family out to lunch on a Sunday, what would you spend on them? We’re challenging our church to spend at least as much on hungry families as you would to feed YOUR family a Sunday meal.

Will you help us help others? That’s one of the ways we are all fighting hunger right here at home! “Beef it up, FBC!”

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