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Serve the church.

Plug into one of many ministries in the church.

Sharing the love of Jesus with our community in a captivating and engaging way is what FBC Midlothian is all about. You are on a spiritual journey, regardless of your state of development. Whether your gift is welcoming guests, tech, assisting behind the scenes, teaching, or simply engaging someone new in conversation, serving our church family is for you.

For the safety of our kids and team members, we require a background check and Ministry Safe training before serving in all areas involving minors and group leadership opportunities with adults.


Sunday morning Small Group Leader

Preschool small group leaders facilitate biblical learning and lead engaging developmentally appropriate activities. They develop relationships with the whole family and actively participate with preschoolers and kindergarteners during our Sunday morning services.

Wednesday night Small Group Leader

Preschool small group leaders facilitate biblical learning and lead engaging developmentally appropriate activities. They develop relationships with the whole family and actively participate with preschoolers and kindergarteners during our Wednesday night adult groups.

Preschool Greeter

Be the first face of FBC Midlothian’s preschool and assist in greeting families in our welcome areas and helping them register and check in their children on Sunday mornings.



Greeter/Check-in Team

We want kids and their parents to experience personal value and a warm welcome in the KIDlothian ministry area, and our check‐in stations are no different. Team members help check kids in, print name tags, register new guests, and answer any parents’ questions.

Worship Team

The Worship Team is responsible for leading the musical aspect of our worship times through singing, dancing, and song motions and generating excitement with an energetic stage presence.

Tech Team

The Tech Team works with other leaders to help create the ambiance for the service by working with sound, lighting, videos, and computers. It’s an excellent position for those who like to serve in the background.

Small-Group Leader

Leaders facilitate small group discussion and activity sessions following the large group worship time. They develop relationships and actively participate with the kids during worship and large group teaching times.



Small-Group Leader

Weekly lead a group of 8-12 middle/high school students / show up consistently, mentally, and randomly in their life.


Lead a team of students who run the Café before and after service times to / provide a space for students to feel welcome and safe to have a conversation.


Holding doors, checking in students, getting new students connected / this is a first impression to the student ministry.


Soundboard, lighting, and technology for student services/lead students who are assigned to these responsibilities.


Help lead the middle/high school students in worship by singing or playing an instrument.

Event Planning

Assist the Student Ministry team in planning events throughout the year/help plan one event or help plan multiple, if you have a give, we will make sure it is utilized!

Service Projects

For those who are well connected with the community and want to get students involved in serving in non-profits, schools, or generally in the community.


For the creative mind who would like to help with stage design, building set up, or any other way to make the environment of the Student Center as engaging and welcoming as possible for students.


More targeted leadership for students who may be dealing with specific issues and require an adult to walk with them / also could include leading a group of high school students to be involved with middle schoolers as a means of discipleship.

Parent Advisory Board

Group of parents who are providing insight and feedback for the direction of the Student Ministry.



Compass Volunteer

Help people following services with prayer and decisions they are processing.


Be the welcoming face for everyone who drives on our campus.

Bus Driver

Help with Shuttling people from medical center parking.  It also involves greeting everyone who enters the bus.

Groups Leader

Lead a small group towards the biblical community through discussion facilitation, bible studies, prayer, fellowships, and pastoral care.

Missions Supporter

Prayerfully and financially support those involved in going on mission trips and local ministry projects.

Groups Coordinator

Be a leader of leaders in shepherding group leaders by staying in contact, offering support, and prayer.

Security Team

Supervise campus activities with an eye towards the security and safety of everyone. FBC Security training is required.

Audio Visual Team

Help support worship services through sound, lighting, cameral operator, Lyrics support, and Online Church support.  Training will be provided.

Worship Team

Help with leading worship in large gatherings through your musical talent (voice or instrumental)—audition required for consideration.

Photography Team

If you are a photographer or have a passion to shoot photos, you have a great opportunity to capture Sunday mornings and large events.


Do you have a


Text us today about baptisms, if you are new, or wish to get plugged in.
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