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Yield: Let God Lead
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Each of us serves someone, pursues priorities, sets up something that influences all of our other decisions. For some it’s money. For others it’s pleasure. But what are we designed to pursue? If you don’t know, our world will gladly tell you, packaging it and selling it with the best of technology and promises. But the world is full of people who pursued something only to discover that that one accomplishment, relationship, or status definer actually left them empty. Boris Becker climbed the tennis mountain of greatness, but after obtaining the championships, the rankings, the money, and the fame he said, “I found no inner peace.” Paul wrote a letter to people who were pursuing all those things and then met Christ. After that watershed event they were then trying to piece together what life could and should look like. It’s instructive, it’s relevant, and it’s TIMELY for where we are today. Join us as we begin a journey together to define who can be trusted to call the shots in our lives and how to do that practically.

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