We all have a story.

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We all have a story to tell that is from the past, present, and future. Here we share stories from people that have experienced God’s presence in their life at a certain season. We encourage you to share your testimony as well!

  • I was looking for a job two years into my divorce. It was difficult due to a 14-year gap in my résumé from being a stay-at-home mom. I was very worried about finances and how I would support my two

  • Derek and Debbie Garrett were in the market for a used car, and they located one that they were interested in at a Fort Worth dealership. Derek went to test drive the vehicle and met with Saul. They went through

  • Before Christ I grew up in a Christian home, went to church Sundays/Wednesdays, attended camps, revivals, mission trips, etc. I was a GOOD person….on the outside. But I was a fake. In high school at the height of the Jesus Movement,

  • Just this morning I was reflecting on this 90-day journey. I am a little behind but want to allow it to saturate as I am reading

  • Recently have reached out for help concerning my marriage and other life problems that never seem to change. I felt like everything was wrong and I couldn't fix it. So I went to pathways for core training. It's a large

  • Years ago I was physically attacked by a dog while running my neighborhood with my own dog. The dog was trying to go after mine but I decided to protect it. As a result, the dog attacked me to get

  • I've never thought of my testimony as 'my story'. I always thought of it as an event. Something that happened. I walked through the storm one day at a time, not really thinking of the process or the end result.

  • I was raised by Christian parents as an only child that was loved, protected, and in church from infancy. When I was nine years old my mother said it was time for me to join the church. I was not

  • My story is perhaps a little different, in that I'll begin after I was saved as a teenager in West Texas. I really did nothing to grow my faith at first. Off to college quickly after my salvation experience I

  • Mike and I have a blended family. I had two boys; he had two boys; we had our daughter together. We raised our children in church, but I can honestly say I did not live out my faith. Our children

  • I grew up in a very dysfunctional, unloving, and abusive home. The words, "I love you" were rarely, if ever, spoken, much less shown. My mother and current stepfather slept and still sleep in separate bedrooms and generally keep to

  • When I was 5 years old, the school told my mom that she should have me tested because I would be walking and then stop for no reason. I would then start walking again and have no remembrance of what

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