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Keeping Your Guard Up

Many years ago, someone brought topsoil to my lot as a gift. I was quite glad to get it. But as the months passed, I realized that with that topsoil, my benefactor also brought a resilient form of weeds. I once called them “helicopter” weeds because of their shape. What I know is that they are extremely invasive, aggressive, and dominant. So, for the last couple of years, I have sought to kill them and rid my yard of them. This summer, I had some substantial success. . . for a while.

This week, the advent of slightly cooler weather was like a zap of new energy. Up sprang the shoots, here came the fresh green, and out came my weedkiller and sprayer. I am now in the final round of this season’s “battle over the turf.” If I do nothing, I will see it spread and control the entire side of the yard. I can’t let it happen. I must battle.

So, every time I go out to do battle with the weeds, I realize that this same scenario is played out in my wrestling match with sin. While some issues have been eradicated, and I enjoy immense freedom from them, others are more chronic. As long as I keep my guard up, keep accountable relationships, and give my heart deeply to the Lord, the battle is manageable. But if I let my guard down and neglect some basic disciplines, those temptations take on a new, raging influence.

Paul tells the early church that we must “ARM OURSELVES” with every available weapon for spiritual warfare. And when I remember the truth and when I put on those pieces of protection, the “turf war” in my heart is as conquerable as the war with my turf. I simply need to keep my guard up!

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