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New Keys to Life

Derek and Debbie Garrett were in the market for a used car, and they located one that they were interested in at a Fort Worth dealership. Derek went to test drive the vehicle and met with Saul. They went through the typical used car sales routine, and as they talked, Derek and Saul developed a relationship. During that conversation, Saul asked Derek what he did for work, and Derek told Saul that he worked for Bill Glass Ministries. This organization takes the gospel into prisons to share with inmates. Derek then asked him where he was on his spiritual journey. Saul told Derek that he attended church but was still “working on some things.” After more conversing, they wrapped up, and Derek told Saul he was interested in the car but wouldn’t decide that night. 

The Garretts returned to the dealership a few days later to see the car. After taking the test drive, they told Saul they wanted to purchase the vehicle. They sat down at his desk, and he went about putting together the necessary paperwork for them. While waiting, Derek and Debbie were able to spark up a follow-up conversation from their first meeting. 

Derek said, “Saul – you mentioned the other night that you were still ‘working on some things.’ But I want to make sure you know that we don’t need to work on anything before we come to Jesus. He accepts us just as we are, and then he is the one who works in us to change us. Have you ever decided to receive Jesus as Savior?” Saul replied that he hadn’t. Derek then said, “Is there anything that would keep you from making that decision today?” To which Saul replied, “No.” Derek then asked if Saul wanted to receive Jesus right now, and he said he would. 

Derek, Debbie, and Saul then prayed together. Saul repeated after Derek – a simple prayer of salvation to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and receive him as Savior. After the prayer, the Finance Manager was ready to finalize the paperwork with the Garretts. 

The Garretts walked into the Finance Manager’s office and began talking with Leland. They learned that he had been in this position for only two weeks and had recently moved to Texas to be near family. Another connection developed, and as they talked, the Garretts learned that his wife was undergoing cancer treatment. Derek asked Leland where he was at in his spiritual journey, and he said that at this time, he was really “digging deep.”   

Derek asked LeLand if he had ever decided to receive Jesus as Savior and said he had not. Derek then asked him if he would like to make that decision right now, and he said yes, he would. 

The Garretts looked at each other in amazement! They then led Leland in a simple prayer of salvation. After they were done at the dealership, they stopped at a restaurant for lunch, and as they sat down, they looked at each other and asked, “What just happened?” 

The Garretts agreed that it was as though they sat back and watched God’s work. They were amazed to see God work through them in those two situations within 20 minutes of each other.   

The Garrett’s takeaway was that many people out there need and desire the Lord but need someone to share God’s truth with them. We must be bold and prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that God puts in front of us. Sometimes, we must ask questions and be ready to explain the good news of the gospel and salvation. 

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