Jesus in the light

Living In Light of Easter

Every spring, we build up to Easter and the resurrection celebration. We eat, worship, rest, and connect with family to celebrate what happened that day. Then Monday comes, and I find myself wondering: what was that first week like? Almost 20 centuries ago, the resurrection appearances of Jesus were noted in the eyewitness accounts, and every time they saw Him, did they pinch themselves? Did they ask one another, “Are we dreaming?” All through the months leading up to the final week, Jesus was doing miracles and teaching. They had seen him heal blindness, deafness, bleeding, paralysis, leprosy, demonic possession, and epilepsy. They had seen Jairus’ daughter and Lazarus go from the grief of death to the joy of life. Still, they didn’t get it.

So after the resurrection of Jesus, weeks of these appearances had made it undeniable. But it was Pentecost that catalyzed their confidence into courage and boldness. And from that time on, the whole world watched as these doubting disciples became bold apostles. From Pentecost on, they LIVED in light of Easter. It’s a life of confidence, assurance, and courage they couldn’t manufacture alone. And from this ragtag group of uneducated, plain men flowed the Holy Spirit’s power in testimony, preaching, and miraculous signs that stunned their world.

I have spent the weekend remembering and celebrating the resurrection. Now, I want to LIVE in it. And having experienced the loss of my mother-in-law on Easter, it’s more real than ever. “Oh, death, where is your sting?” It’s completely different in light of the resurrection–mourning to dancing, graves to gardens, seas to highways!

Will you choose to LIVE in light of Easter?

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