woman starring at reflection

Mirror Image

Recently, I had a day on the water when I had absolutely no breeze. In place of waves or ripples, I looked out on a smooth glassy lake. As the day waned, I became fascinated by the sight. The water mirrored the sky perfectly. The contrails of 4 different jets flying to four different destinations created a geometric pattern that “framed” my view. The dock stretching out into the water was mirrored, as well. As the clouds took on changing color and texture, it played out in what was an enormously beautiful sunset.

When Jesus called the disciples–when He called US–His invitation was this: “follow me.” It was a two-fold challenge. The disciples would literally follow Him from place to place, eating with Him, talking with Him, and listening to His teaching. But the other aspect was that they began to MIRROR His way of doing things. To follow was to begin to live and love like Jesus.

That’s the kind of “fruit” our lives begin to display. We pray like Jesus, forgive like Jesus, offer welcome like Jesus, and seek to honor the Father like Jesus. That’s what I call the “Jesus Life,” and it’s the calling card of anyone who chooses to be a disciple.

So, here’s the question: “Do you see your life reflecting His?” It’s never a perfect picture for us. But every day, we hope to reflect a little more of His life with every day we know Him.

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