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Pulling Together

Many years ago we started talking about a “hosting” culture. We each had a choice about how we would live: we could be Guests or Hosts. This past Sunday, I was so thankful for the army of hosts who made time to help others be reminded of resurrection hope. A parking team made it easier to get people into the building; our shuttle drivers made “parking far” not feel so far after all. Greeters and helpers handed out bags, helped take pictures, and tried to help people navigate between three different venues for worship. At 9:30, I visited every venue and found people standing and singing and “pulling together” in this annual fruit basket turnover of multiple services.

Even earlier that morning, two worship teams arrived at dawn to rehearse, check sound, and walk through plans that had been made months ago. They sang over the course of 5 hours to lead us in the congregation to sing with them. The tech teams spent all morning at soundboards, cameras, computer stations, and in a frigid Livestream booth to make sure that people could hear and see that morning. Anyone who wanted childcare for our youngest kids found rooms ready with volunteers who served so others could worship. And on each row in every venue, people were squeezing in to make room for their neighbors.

So to all of you who invited, hosted, welcomed, and accepted inconveniences, THANK YOU. People I prayed for were in attendance and I was personally grateful for several of you who served them so they could hear the Gospel.

Pulling together was challenging, satisfying, and helpful. And as I said to a shuttle driver on Sunday, “I’m so glad you will be the first impression people have when they arrive today!” I would gladly repeat that many times over to you, my family.

Now we pray for the seeds of faith to germinate and begin to change lives from the inside out!


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