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Remembering What You Know

This week is another STAR week of tests for some of our area students. Kids will be required to spend time expressing what they know about science or math, reading comprehension, or writing. However, the real tests for these subjects will be how kids USE the information for the rest of their lives. I can’t remember a single problem where I used trigonometry to determine a solution, but I use algebra daily for problem-solving. I think the primary reason is that I started using algebra in practical situations in high school and just never stopped. Now, it’s an instinctual response to certain kinds of problems.

Just before Jesus was arrested and crucified, He made a promise to the disciples. “But when the Spirit comes, He will teach you things and remind you of all things.” So, how exactly does that happen? At some point, we learn, and then we must remember. I believe that the single most important tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit is the scripture. I have some experiences where I have learned from events and circumstances, but what brings clarity to those experiences is the record of what Jesus said, how He worked in the lives of the earliest disciples, and how they wrestled through difficulties.

I’m not by nature a “legalist.” I believe God gave us commands for our good, but ticking things off a list to feel good about myself has never worked. But long ago, I learned that what I invest in my mind is what is recalled most clearly. In fact, by definition, you can’t recall what you never knew! We wanted our church family to read through the New Testament as we started 2024 for this primary purpose: so that as we embarked on the challenges of a new year, the Holy Spirit would be able to remind us of those things He impressed on us as we read the Word of God.

I find this principle in operation: the Holy Spirit brings those things back to our remembrance when we need them most, and when we have not fed our spirits with what He has ALREADY said, it’s very difficult to discern when He is speaking to us in the now.

You will spend the rest of your life “remembering” for the sake of functioning. Math, physical science, biology, and social studies will all play a part in your operation in our world. Even more importantly, your spiritual lessons, examples, and commands are essential fuel for making decisions as you live and love like Jesus in our world. Feed your heart and mind–not to check something off the list but as fuel for your soul! Then, you’ll be able to remember what you know!

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