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Resilient or Giving Up?

The Texas Rangers could not find a bigger contrast than the New York Mets. Every sportswriter who focuses on baseball is shaking their heads or celebrating. The trade deadline for Major League Baseball brought shocking results. The Mets’ two aces were marketable assets in a year that has gone very poorly. So the owner started marketing, giving up on the season in such a remarkable way that it shocked the entire league. Max Scherzer has arrived in Arlington, and Rangers fans are eager to see his pitching help in the effort to run into the playoffs this fall. Unfortunately, Scherzer’s teammate and fellow Cy Young winner, Justin Verlander, will return to the Astros, reducing the new advantage that the trades brought to the Rangers.

Resilience or capitulation is always on the table for teams. In this case, the Mets’ owner gave up on the season and, in a sense, betrayed every fan who bought season tickets and supported the team. New York’s disgust is Arlington’s joy! It’s a stark contrast that’s a reality in so many arenas.

Do we choose resilience in marriage, or do we give up? Do we choose resilience in character, or do we stop swimming against the current? Do we choose resilience when discouraged, or do we bow to the difficulties and disappointments? I think we face those kinds of decisions on most days. I prefer the attitude I call “squaring your shoulders.” When I played ball, taking on an offensive player reached a point where I had to make a decisive change to square my shoulders to the player and assert leverage. When I think of the hard days in life, I often say, “I have to square my shoulders and take this head-on.”

I think that faith works that way. We face all kinds of challenges, but at some point, we decide to exercise our trust in Christ to such an extent that we walk TOWARD the challenge instead of avoiding it. When we do, our faith produces something in our hearts and our situation that honors Jesus. And to our benefit, we see results that help us, too.

What are you facing where you must choose between resilience or giving up? Will you square your shoulders and exercise faith and courage?

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