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The Missions Offering at Christmas

I’m always touched to see the generosity that pours from our church family during the Christmas season. We do things collectively as a church to care for children in need, and many of you take the initiative to care for families who are struggling. But every Christmas, we have another collective gift that can be easily overlooked. It’s the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions, and it’s one of the opportunities that have a big impact. Overseen by the International Mission Board, 100% of this offering goes overseas. They withhold no administrative costs. Instead, the missionaries on the field who are working to share the Gospel with unreached people groups are the ones who see those funds provided for ministry.

Years ago, our missions team recommended to our church that all of our undesignated mission gifts in December would be forwarded to this particular mission offering. So I ask you to join me in praying for missionaries around the world and for the people who hunger for hope. My in-laws spent their entire careers in Southeast Asia, leading people to know Jesus. The generations that have stepped into their empty shoes are now sharing Christ in over 200 countries. Just this year, a woman who grew up in our church–Kendra Horton–left the USA for a new assignment in Europe, where she and her husband are now seeking to share the Gospel in an area of the former Soviet Union. Our church family helped foster that desire, her collegiate experience intensified that calling, and now she and her husband, Tanner, are serving as missionaries who will see the direct impact of this mission offering there.

Will you pray for Kendra and Tanner and the hundreds of others who are serving around the world?

Will you ask God to strengthen them and grow their boldness to share the Gospel?

Will you ask God to continue to raise up men and women who are willing to invest their lives in cultures that are Gospel-starved?

Praying and giving are the ways we have been able to share in this great endeavor. Join me!


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