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The Right Tools for the Job

Inflation is the hot word right now. Every day I see news, social media posts, and prayer requests related to the financial pressures of inflation. And virtually every person commenting on the problem has little or no power to change the economy, set policy, or infuse new procedures for banks, petroleum companies, or supply chain problems. What every single one of them DOES have is the choice on how they manage what they DO have.

But do they have the right tools for that job?

In two previous financial crises, I pointed people to learn to adjust spending by offering them the right tools. There are few tools better than Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course or the direct consulting with Crown Financial. These two have always been consistent help for people trying to develop better financial decisions.

So, several times, we have offered the Financial Peace course on our campus, and we are offering it this fall on Wednesday nights. One of my most trusted friends said, “The problems we face are rarely about our income; they’re about our spending. We can make better choices and learn better skills.” I think he was right.

Starting tomorrow night, we are offering Financial Peace again. It provides the right tools for the job. Ramsey has taught this stuff for years, and this video-driven course offers those tools. We have seen scores of families walk through Financial Peace coursework and have seen positive results. I’d highly recommend it. Check it out at FPU Group.

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