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To Stick or NOT to Stick

I grew up driving on ice. We were on the south side of Lake Texoma, and we usually inherited more ice, snow, and sleet than the communities just 10 miles away from the lake. The fronts would sweep across that warmer water, pumping fresh moisture into the system and dumping it on our tiny town. So I made the inspection drive to the church today to check pipes, roads, and parking lots.

Every surface reacts differently. The concrete streets in many places were clearly different from the asphalt streets. The soil was different from the grass. So as I was making my way, this thought occurred to me. “Am I a person who allows my cultural influence to STICK, or am I resilient and resistant to that influence?” I think of missionaries who serve around the world and learn the language so they can communicate, but they don’t adopt that culture’s religion, ethics, or value system. I want to be aware but not adaptive to those things. Yet, in our attempt to communicate, we often let down our guard and allow our world to shape us more than we shape it.

Jesus talked about being IN the world, but not OF the world. So how we deal with money, morality, greed, popularity, status, anger, conflict, forgiveness, and reconciliation ARE different from our culture’s choices. We understand them, but we don’t adopt them. That’s Jesus’ charge to us. Driving around today brought that back as a reminder.

So, are you seeing ways that you’re allowing the world to reshape you, to “stick” to your heart and mind? If so, maybe it’s time for a concerted “spiritual thaw.” Return to your “first love”–the Jesus who ransomed you and called you to follow Him. Lay those areas before Him and ask for discernment and power in those areas.

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